International Outreach

The Problem: Child marriage in Ghana is creating
a generational cycle of poverty.

child marriage in Ghana

The Solution: CofA-Ghana

CofA-Ghana aims to provide increased educational opportunities for vulnerable youth particularly, the girl-child in the West African nation of Ghana.

The organization was formed to address the high rate of school dropouts by keeping girls in school, teenage pregnancy by focusing on ending rural girl-child marriage and thus, disrupting the maternal cycle of poverty within Ghana’s communities. To learn more about CofA-Ghana and the positive work they are doing to end poverty, Click here.

Empirical Research

A number of empirical researches support the notion that the educated female is better able to make healthy and informed decisions about her reproductive health; life choices, such as delay marriage and child birth; number of children to have; and nutrition and wellness for her and her children.

In this regard, as a mother, the educated female is less likely to be a social burden; she is more likely to have longer life expectancy and have better economic future prospects for herself and her family, and she is more likely to contribute more positively to society and the world at large which in itself is a human capital development.