College of Ama is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping at risk girls in under-served communities break the generational cycle of poverty by providing them educational resources, mentoring and life skills.


The Problem: A Generational Cycle of Poverty Affecting Young Girls in Under-served Communities.

Girls of disenfranchised families are at a higher risk of making poor life choices, which affects both their physical and psychological well-being. These children tend to make negative decisions regarding sex, health, and nutrition which becomes detrimental to living healthy lives.

Additionally, they are at greater risk of dropping out of school or not continuing with higher education. Basic problems at home such as “whats for dinner?”, or not having a parent at home to help with homework or to keep the house quiet, makes it hard for these young students to concentrate on completing school work in the home environment. Eventually, these conditions hinder their employment opportunities and financial stability.

The end result is a generational cycle of poverty that produces children who rarely develop the proper life skills necessary to thrive and become productive members of society.

The Solution: CofA USA

College of Ama-USA Inc. (CofA-USA) is a 501c (3) charity organization in good standing registered in the state of New Jersey in July of 2015 with a federal tax identification number 47-4169283.

Through education and culture, CofA-USA is committed to helping at-risk youth bring out their immense potential irrespective of their poor financial circumstances so that they can become economically independent and able to take care of themselves, their children and their families, be contributive members of society and break the generational cycle of poverty.

Our vision is to see a world in which vulnerable children receive quality education at all levels through poverty friendly policies for a sustainable development.

Our mission is to prevent poverty-related school dropout and send those at-risk students to instutions of higher education.

What Does CofA USA Do?

We empower at-risk girls to break the generational cycle of poverty by providing them with educational tools and resources in 5 key areas:

We offer after school and remedial education programs to increase graduation rates

We provide counseling and mentorship on the group level and/or one-to-one basis

We teach substance abuse awareness and prevention education

We teach adolescent sexual health education

We teach the importance of developing healthy nutritional habits

Your Support Can Help Change A Girl's Life For the Better!

The members of CofA-USA are all non-paid volunteers who have personally made financial contributions to fund the organization. Every dollar our organization raises goes to helping at-risk girls in vulnerable communities. In order to continue to meet our goals, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for financial and material support.

Without the invaluable assistance of community minded individuals like you, we would be unable to serve those most in need of our services. If you believe in our mission, we kindly ask that you share this message with your friends on social media and contribute a monetary gift if you can afford to do so.