Congratulations To The New Graduates Of The College-of- Ama USA

Congratulations To The New Graduates Of The College-of- Ama USA

Leigh Steinberg once said:

“It is soooooo necessary to get the basic skills, because by the time you graduate, undergraduate or graduate, that field would have totally changed from your first day of school.”

Well done Graduates with GPAs ranging from 2.4 to 3.85 and gained admissions to prestigious institutions such as Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Montclair, Villanova and Northeastern in the Arts, Natural Sciences and Business Administration.

Best friends! You have formed a bond of support over the years and have both successfully made it.  It is time to look into the future to explore other opportunities out there given your immense potential.

You have worked so hard and built a strong foundation to continue schooling at the university.

Mom and daughter on graduation day. We’re so proud of you!

Working so hard toward graduation in 2018. Inducted into the French Honor Society.

You deserve a pat on your shoulders. We are indeed so proud of you!

Cofa-USA Girls Make Honor Roll & Are College Bound

Cofa-USA Girls Make Honor Roll & Are College Bound

Cofa-USA encourages it’s female students to strive for excellence in all areas of life. With the understanding that education is the gateway to a better quality of living, we emphasize the importance of reading to our students as a cornerstone of academic achievement. Here, we come together with family and friends to celebrate our girls for making the Honor Roll in their schools and help them prepare for college.

Cofa students embrace the educational value of making reading a habit.

Retired educators, Leslie Coleman and Ellen Smith share their experiences and insights, as they discuss the importance of making good life choices with Cofa students.

Which Comes First — School or Work?

Which Comes First — School or Work?


It is hoped that individual families will make independent decisions according to the distinct needs of their families while at the same time considering whether or not Deferred Gratification as learned during the workshop is critical for long-term future prospects.

Cofa-USA Helps Parent and Students Prepare for College

Cofa-USA Helps Parent and Students Prepare for College

Parental involvement is very significant for student progress to transition to college. Here students and parents get acquainted with the application process, meeting FAFSA deadlines and required documentation for financial aids.

Parents also learn about various types of trauma and how they impact their family well-being and ways to deal with them.

CofA-USA Helps Girls Get Library Cards for First Time.

library-girlChild to Child Connect enabled CofA-USA girls to obtain library cards for the first time. CofA-USA girls are now borrowing and reading books and using their local libraries to their advantage with the invaluable assistance of their various local librarians.

Our on-going workshops gives them insights into helping CofA-USA girls to learn how to make healthy life choices, focus in school get the requisite education, graduate and move on to higher institutions. CofA-USA girls are also now taking SAT classes to prepare them for college admissions.

Parent to Child Connect brings together all Parents, Guardians and Community leaders, Churches and others to be actively involved in every aspect of the lives of their girls, as they continue this journey to stay in school, graduate and move on to higher institutions and build human capital for themselves, community and society at large.